While we can’t guarantee the outcome of your specific case, we share our recent case results so that you can see what might be possible for you. Read our clients’ stories, the steps we took to protect their rights, and what the ultimate resolution was in these case results. Any case denoted with an * was referred to counsel with expertise in that particular area of law.

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  • Client Loses Finger in Table Saw Accident. Homeowner Liable. Settlement $250,000 Our client was a 63-year-old retired man who was using a table saw to cut wood for a hobby project in a private residence when the owner of the residence inadvertently leaned on the edge of the table saw, causing it to flare upwards, bringing the saw blade into contact with the client’s left hand. Case settled for $250,000
  • Lacerated Liver, Concussion: Settlement $237,500
    Our client was struck from behind by a limousine while stopped waiting to take a left turn. He sustained a lacerated liver and a concussion.
  • Fractured Knee and Arm: Settlement $230,000
    Client was a passenger in a van on her way to work when another vehicle lost control and hit the car she was in. Both vehicles were totaled.
  • Skull Fracture And Post Traumatic Stress: Settlement $210,000
    Our client was a 19yr old woman who was a passenger in a Honda Civic. The vehicle she was in was struck from behind by a tow truck traveling at a high rate of speed. The rear seat passenger of the car she was in unfortunately died in the fiery wreck which our client had to witness. Our client’s physical injuries healed rather quickly but she was left with significant emotional issues.
  • Multiple Hip Fractures: Settlement $205,000
    Our client was 11yrs old when she rode her bicycle out into the street from a neighbor’s driveway. The case was hotly contested as the driver asserted he had no time to react and avoid our client. We retained an accident reconstruction expert who showed that the driver had sufficient time to see our client and apply the brakes. After 18 months of litigation the case settled just prior to trial.
  • Broken Arm: Settlement $200,000
    Our client was a 42-year-old attorney who was broadsided by another car as she was turning left out of a side street onto a main road. The insurance company for the other driver initially asserted that the accident was our client’s fault. Through an exhaustive investigation, we were able to track down a witness who testified that the other driver was traveling much too fast.
  • Serious Knee Injury: Settlement $200,000 Our client was unable to avoid smashing into the rear passenger side of the truck, tearing open his right knee in the process. This case was heavily litigated for over 18 months.
  • Slip and Fall On Black Ice in Parking Lot: Settlement $175,000 Our client was getting out of her car in a parking lot at her job when she slipped and fell on black ice. The owner of the commercial parking lot fought the case vigorously. Attorney Stephen Zolotas was successful in getting the matter settled just prior to trial.
  • Owner, general contractor and subcontractor responsible for demolition work did so negligently causing client to fall from a lift while on work site: Settlement $162,500 Client was working for an asbestos removal contractor when he was struck in the head by a large piece of unsecured metal duct work causing him to fall from the lift he was on some 12 feet off the ground.
  • 2nd Degree Burns On Arm: Settlement $150,000 Our client was seriously injured while attending a house party. Numerous city ordinances and local laws were violated that evening by the homeowner.
  • Ankle Fracture: Settlement $150,000
    Our client was a tenant in a triple decker. She fell down a flight of stairs and fractured her ankle. The stairway in question was required to have handrails pursuant to The Massachusetts Sanitary Code. As such it was our position that by violating the Sanitary Code, the landlord ran afoul of the Implied Warranty of Habitability which protects all Massachusetts tenants. Under this scenario it was likely that the landlord would have been held strictly liable to our client for her injuries.