While we can’t guarantee the outcome of your specific case, we share our recent case results so that you can see what might be possible for you. Read our clients’ stories, the steps we took to protect their rights, and what the ultimate resolution was in these case results. Any case denoted with an * was referred to counsel with expertise in that particular area of law.

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  • Cyclists Collide: Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Case Settled for $350,000 by Boston Bike Injury Lawyer
  • Fractured Tibia: Settlement $250,000
    Business women who commuted to work each day in Boston by bicycle was struck by a State owned vehicle. She suffered a fractured tibia. The State argued that the maximum they were required to pay under the existing law was $100,000.
  • Multiple Hip Fractures: Settlement $205,000
    Our client was 11yrs old when she rode her bicycle out into the street from a neighbor’s driveway. The case was hotly contested as the driver asserted he had no time to react and avoid our client. We retained an accident reconstruction expert who showed that the driver had sufficient time to see our client and apply the brakes. After 18 months of litigation the case settled just prior to trial.
  • ACL Tear: Settlement $97,000
    Client was riding his bicycle in a crosswalk when he was struck by a car moving less than 5 mph. The impact caused our client to topple over injuring his knee.