This may be the first time you have experienced serious trauma, but it would not be our first time representing a client with catastrophic injuries. If you or a family member was in a car crash or other traumatic accident and has sustained life-changing injuries, you need to know your attorney can handle fighting for a large settlement to ensure you are taken care of for the rest of your life. With a legal team who used to work for insurance companies, you can be sure we know what we are doing when we fight against them.

What Is Considered a Catastrophic Injury in Massachusetts?

Any injury that significantly impacts your life and your ability to earn a living can be considered catastrophic. If another person’s actions caused a horrible accident that has left you unable to function as you did before the accident, you might have cause to hold that person liable for your damages. If your injury has required emergency trauma treatment, months or years of rehabilitation, and will keep you from ever returning to your previous livelihood, you are dealing with a very serious injury. Some of the more common serious injuries we represent include the following:

  • Head injuries. Any impact to the head, whether in a vehicle crash, slip and fall, or work accident, can cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion. Even when the head is not directly impacted in a crash or fall, the brain can be shaken in the skull and suffer damage. A serious brain injury can cause physical limitations, emotional distress, personality disorders, and cognitive limitations. The cost of treatment, rehabilitation, and support the victim will need to function going forward must be considered in a personal injury settlement. Our attorneys’ experience with these kinds of injuries makes us strong advocates for head injury victims. 
  • Spinal cord injuries. A severed or damaged spinal cord can cause complete or partial paralysis and affect the functioning of essential organs. When the spinal cord is damaged in a catastrophic vehicle collision, fall, crushing accident, or other trauma, you need the best medical care and the best legal representation available in the Greater Boston area. Spada Law Group, LLC, has represented many spinal cord injury victims and can put their experience to work for you.
  • Amputations. Many different kinds of accidents can cause a limb amputation, particularly car and motorcycle crashes and certain workplace accidents. Losing a limb is considered a catastrophic injury as it will take years of rehabilitation to learn to function without it and the victim may never be able to do the kind of work they did before the accident. We understand how amputations can affect a life forever and will fight the insurance company to get you the compensation you will need to have a hope of returning to a normal life.
  • Multiple fractures. Suffering multiple fractures—or a hip, pelvic, back, or neck fracture—can be as debilitating as a brain or spinal cord injury. Victims are often unable to ever fully recover after suffering multiple, compound fractures. Insurance companies may not regard these injuries as seriously as they would another type of injury, but our team will fight for what you need to recover.
  • Severe burns. A vehicle crash or workplace explosion can cause burns over a significant portion of the victim’s body, leading to nerve damage, infections, disfigurement, and permanent disability. Burn injuries require ongoing and often life-long treatment, and our attorneys will make sure every possible prognosis for recovery is considered in the settlement.

From the moment of the accident, you have struggled to heal and pay bills, and you have not stopped thinking about the future. It’s time to put those worries in someone else’s hands. At Spada Law Group, LLC, we have walked this walk many times before and will recover the maximum amount your case warrants.

Our Compassionate, Dedicated Attorneys Are Here for You

When you work with Spada Law Group, LLC, you can be sure that you are our number one priority. We understand that you are suffering and our entire staff will always be considerate of your struggles. We will keep you informed of what’s going on and will never leave you to feel lost or alone. Schedule a free consultation in our main office in Chelsea, or at one of our satellite offices around the state, to discover the Spada Law Group difference. If your injuries prevent you from getting to us, we’ll come to you.