While we can’t guarantee the outcome of your specific case, we share our recent case results so that you can see what might be possible for you. Read our clients’ stories, the steps we took to protect their rights, and what the ultimate resolution was in these case results. Any case denoted with an * was referred to counsel with expertise in that particular area of law.

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  • Skull Fracture: Settlement $355,000
    Our client was struck by a Duck Boat in Boston as he crossed the street. He sustained a skull fracture from which he recovered completely.
  • Broken Ankle: Settlement $250,000
    25 year old women walking with her young child in a crosswalk in Boston. She was struck by a car and broke her ankle. The driver claimed he was blinded by the sun and did not see her.
  • Torn Meniscus In Knee: Settlement $131,000
    An on duty Police officer was struck by a driver while he was on a detail. He suffered a torn meniscus in his knee.
  • Solar Glare no defense to pedestrian accident, Torn Hip Labrum: Settlement $120,000 45yr old CFO walking to work on an early July morning is struck by a car while crossing a street. She was NOT in a crosswalk. The driver had asserted that solar glare prevented him from seeing our client. We hired our own investigator to measure the location of the sun at the precise moment of the accident and we proved that solar glare as described by the driver would have been impossible.
  • Concussion/Fractured Wrist: Settlement $100,000
    Our client was crossing the street and struck by a car. The driver attempted to flee the scene but through investigation was later identified.
  • Closed Femur Fracture: Settlement $100,000
    Our client was a minor walking home from school when she was struck by a car as she crossed the street. The case required us to hire an investigator to prove our version of how the accident occurred. The case was settled for the full amount of the available insurance coverage.
  • Pelvis Fracture: Policy Limit Settlement for $100,000 Our client was a passenger in a car that had stopped in traffic. An altercation ensued during the stop. Our client got out of the car and was on the side of the road when the defendant, attempting to leave the area, hit our client, pinning her against a parked car.