On a July morning at 7:00 am  our client, a CFO for a local non profit, was crossing Essex Street in Beverly, Ma. and was three quarters of the way across the roadway when she was struck by a car. The driver claimed  solar glare prevented him from seeing our client. Our own investigation however  revealed that there was no solar glare  at the time of the collision. Two witnesses who were on scene moments after the collision had given statements that the sun was not a factor. We also hired an expert who visited the scene on the one year anniversary of the accident (when the sun was in the identical position in the sky) who was prepared to testify as to the fact that solar glare was not a factor. Once confronted with our expert's expected testimony and photographs, the insurance company made a prompt settlement offer. 

45yr old CFO walking to work on an early July morning is struck by a car while crossing a street. She was NOT in a crosswalk. The driver had asserted that solar glare prevented him from seeing our client. We hired our own investigator to measure the location of the sun at the precise moment of the accident and we proved that solar glare as described by the driver would have been impossible.