It Started as a Regular Day

Client was working as an asbestos removal technician at the old Polaroid factory in New Bedford.  The Client's employer was responsible for asbestos removal at the property.  Defendant 1 was the general contractor hired by the owner of the factory owner.  Defendant 1 was responsible for demolition work.  Defendant 1 also entered into a contractual agreement with Defendant 2 to perform demolition work at the project.

Then the Unthinkable Happened

Client was removing asbestos from some duct work/piping in the hallway connecting buildings B and C.  He was working on a lift about twelve feet above the ground. Another unidentified employee of Client's employer was operating the lift.   As Client was removing asbestos from an elbow of the duct work/piping he was struck by a large metal piece of duct work that had fallen from above him.  The impact caused Client to lose consciousness, and he has little memory about how the incident occurred or what transpired immediately thereafter.  He was airlifted to Boston Medical Center due to the severity of his injuries.

Client suffered injuries to his ribs, shoulder, lung, and kidney.  More specifically, he suffered twelve (12) fractured ribs, a broken clavicle, a large right sided hemopneumothorax, and a ruptured cystic right kidney and hematuria. 

Attorney Stephen Zolotas successfully mediated this matter shortly before trial.

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Client was working for an asbestos removal contractor when he was struck in the head by a large piece of unsecured metal duct work causing him to fall from the lift he was on some 12 feet off the ground.