Black Ice is Especially Dangerous in Puddles

This incident occurred in the month of January and our Client had just parked her car at her place of work in Woburn, Massachusetts.  As our Client got out of her car, there was a puddle outside of her car door.  She inadvertently stepped into the puddle as she got out and slipped on ice beneath the water.  She fell onto her left elbow, causing an immediate contusion to the elbow and injuries to her left arm. Our client ultimately needed surgery on her shoulder, wrist and thumb and developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Our client is left handed.

Case Results

Attorney Stephen Zolotas successfully argued that the commercial property owner was responsible for the parking lot areas and was obligated to maintain those areas free and clear of all defects, which includes snow and black ice. 

The case settled after lengthy litigation and just prior to trial.

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Our client was getting out of her car in a parking lot at her job when she slipped and fell on black ice. The owner of the commercial parking lot fought the case vigorously. Attorney Stephen Zolotas was successful in getting the matter settled just prior to trial.