Boston Cyclists are getting bikes out sooner with high gas prices, leading to more dangers with snow and inexperienced bikers according to bike injury lawyer SpadaAverage gas prices are soaring nationwide – including in Massachusetts. Right now, the state-wide average gas prices vary from $4.43 to $5.20 per gallon. (Although I did see one gas station in Peabody at $4.19 per gallon this morning on my way to work.) One month ago, the average gas prices ranged from $3.50 to $3.93. One year ago, regular gas averaged $2.75 per gallon in Massachusetts. This is a 1.6x increase in gas prices in a single year.

People are looking for cheaper ways to get around. With gas prices this high, there is a huge increase in demand for bikes, according to Western Mass News. This increase in bike interest means two important things: More people are buying bikes to become cyclists, and avid cyclists are getting their bikes out sooner.

Current Massachusetts’ Gas Prices in Perspective as of March 2022:

  • $4.34: Current Average Price of Regular Gas
    • One Month Ago: $3.51
    • One Year Ago: $2.75
  • $4.65: Current Average Price of Mid-Range Gas
    • One Month Ago: $3.79
    • One Year Ago: $3.02
  • $4.87: Current Average Price of Premium Gas
    • One Month Ago: $4.01
    • One Year Ago: $3.23
  • $5.20: Current Average Price of Diesel Gas
    • One Month Ago: $3.93
    • One Year Ago: $2.99

Increased Cycling in Massachusetts Amid Gas Prices: News & Risks

Local Bike shop owners in Massachusetts have noticed an increase in demand for bikes since early February, but have seen it surge in recent weeks – corresponding with towering gas prices. There has also been a surge in electric car sales and an increased interest in electric bikes, also known as e-bikes.

The surge of bike sales hasn’t boomed like this since the 2008 recession, according to Western Mass News. There was a large surge in bike sales during the recession due to many people trying to save money on transportation. The same trend is now emerging again.

A bike shop owner said he usually sells 30 e-bikes over an entire calendar year. This year? He’s already sold more than 30 e-bikes – just three months into 2022.

Spada Law Group has avid cyclists on staff, and we regularly handle bicycle injury claims in Massachusetts, including Chelsea, Boston, Peabody, and anywhere in the state. While we’re excited about more people using eco-friendly transportation and getting more exercise, cyclists should be aware of a few concerns and risks given this recent surge in demand for bikes. Two notable concerns are the weather this time of year and the rise of new cyclists.

Weather Risks for Cycling in Late-Winter and Early Spring in Massachusetts

Because of the time of year, and the incredibly fickle and unpredictable weather in Massachusetts in the late winter and early spring, it’s important to be aware of certain risks when getting out your bike this early in the season.

If you’re a Massachusetts native or have lived here any length of time, you know that we could get serious snow or a blizzard as late as April. To bike safely and avoid accidents during the snowy season, the best things to do are to take it slow, give yourself extra time to stop, and be especially careful at intersections where motorists may not be able to stop.

Quick Winter Biking Tips:

  • Coast over ice: try not to brake, pedal, or turn into the ice
  • Ride in a lower gear
  • Set your bike’s tire pressure a bit less than the recommended maximum
  • Ride with your seat lower, so you can place your foot down more easily
  • Keep your lights on at all times

New Cyclists Require Increased Awareness for Cyclists and Drivers

We celebrate anyone who decides to use a bike for transportation. It’s a great way to promote health for our bodies, our wallets, and our planet. It is important to be aware of the biking risks and dangers associated with biking in Boston, Chelsea, Peabody or any city in Massachusetts.

5 Common Causes of Bike Crashes in Massachusetts For New Cyclists To Be Aware Of:

  1. A Right Pull-Out Bike Crash:
    • Danger: When a driver is making a right-hand turn, it is common for them to either T-bone a bicyclist or pull out in front of a bicyclist.
    • Prevention: One of the most important things to do as a cyclist is to make yourself visible with a neon vest and bike lights. It’s also important to slow down for intersections and anticipate that a car will not see you. Try to make eye contact with drivers at intersections to confirm that they see you.
  2. A Right Turn or Right Hook Bike Crash:
    • Danger: When a car passes a bicyclist on the cyclist’s left and then makes a right-hand turn – hitting the cyclist as they turn.
    • Prevention: Ride your bike as far left in the lane as possible, forcing cars to pass you more safely. This also may give you more time to swerve if needed.
  3. Getting “Doored”
    • Danger: When a driver of a car opens their door and causes a cyclist to hit the door and fly off their bike.
    • Prevention:  Unfortunately, there are not many ways to avoid this danger as a bicyclist other than making sure you’re as visible as possible and ensuring that you’re on the lookout to see if there is anyone sitting in the driver’s seat.
  4. A Rear-End Bicycle Crash
    • Danger: When a car rear-ends you on your bike.
    • Prevention:  Again, be as visible as possible. Wear bright colors, have headlights, taillights, reflective gear, etc.
  5.  Left Cross Collisions
    • Danger: When you are biking straight through an intersection, and a car traveling the opposite direction takes a left turn and collides with you.
    • Prevention: The best advice is to slow down or stop at all intersections to be sure it’s safe to cross the intersection. Look for cars turning right from your right, as well as cars turning left from the opposite side. 

Even if you are already an avid cyclist, riding an e-bike is different for a number of reasons. There are even more specific pros and cons to be aware of if you are a new e-bike purchaser. Learn more about the unique factors to consider about e-bikes here.

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As cyclists ourselves, we know the joy that cycling brings. But as injury attorneys, we also know about the dangers of cycling in Boston with less-than-friendly Massachusetts drivers.

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