A woman drinks coffee as she has a virtual consultation from home with a virtual injury attorney in Massachusetts after an injuyIf you were recently injured in an accident, don’t let your location be a barrier to getting the help and compensation you need and deserve to recover from your injuries.

Spada Law Group is a Boston-based injury and accident law firm - handling cases from car accidents to dog bite injuries, to workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, slips and falls and more. Even though our offices are in Chelsea and Salem, we can serve you and fight for your rights to recover no matter where you live in Massachusetts.

Not only can we take on injury and accident cases anywhere in Massachusetts, there’s a good chance you might not ever have to leave the comfort of your home. While we’re always more than happy to meet with clients in person, these days it’s not necessary to meet in person in order to resolve your injury case.

Due to the adjustments made, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, to accommodate for socially distant or virtual visits, it’s now easier than ever to practice law remotely. No matter where you live in Massachusetts, our Boston-area office can address your legal needs via TeleLaw. TeleLaw is the practice of using audio and visual technology to connect people and attorneys and the court system remotely. Throughout the pandemic, TeleLaw allowed our injury law firm to continue to move our clients’ accident cases along.

Unlike other professions, such as in the medical field, where some things truly can only be done in person - injury and accident law doesn’t have any limitations when done remotely via TeleLaw. Every single aspect of a client’s injury case can be handled virtually - we know this to be true because we’ve already done it.

Any need to physically distance from others does not have to be a barrier to you getting justice for your injury case. With the hassle of driving to a lawl office eliminated, now getting representation for a Massachusetts injury case may be more accessible than ever.

Your Massachusetts Accident or Injury Case Can Be Handled Virtually, Start to Finish

When it comes to handling an injury case virtually, no aspect of quality is lost. Everything can be handled effectively via video conferencing technology without a client ever needing to step into our office or into a courthouse.

Spada Law Group made sure to invest in high-end, permanently-installed audio and video technology to be able to serve any client’s needs remotely. We have all the audio and video infrastructure necessary to close the gap from our office to your home and to do everything we need to do for your case.

How to Hire Spada Law Group Virtually: From Phone Call to Client Agreement

Most clients find us online or are referred to us by a friend or family member. After visiting our website, people usually give us a call or send us a contact form on our website.

All you have to do to initiate hiring us after you’ve been injured in an accident, is to send us a web inquiry or give us a phone call to set up a free consultation to talk about your case. You can call or text us at: (617) 889-5000.

If  we can help you with your case, we will set up an appointment for a free initial consultation. This initial consultation can happen in-person, but it can also happen just as easily via TeleLaw over a video application such as Zoom. If we’re a good fit and you want us to represent you, we will ask that you sign some initial documents to establish our attorney-client relationship and give us permission to begin working on your case.

Everything that needs to be signed can be done on your computer, tablet or even a cellphone using DocuSign via email.

All subsequent client meetings after the initial consultation can also be handled over platforms like Zoom. After hiring us, you will receive scheduled updates on your case and its progress. You’ll never go more than 30 days without some form of contact from our office. While these scheduled updates can be handled over the phone, we typically try to do them over Zoom so that we can still have a “face-to-face,” virtually.

How Spada Law Group Can Fight Your Case in Court Virtually

After you hire us to handle your Massachusetts injury lawsuit, much of the work needed to bring your case to the point of a settlement with an insurance company doesn’t require any in-person meetings with you or the court.

In the event that an agreement on a settlement can’t be reached, your options are then: mediation, arbitration or litigation. Previously, all of these options required the client to be present in person, but this has recently changed.

Spada Law Group can now initiate lawsuits electronically and we can take depositions by using Zoom.

In fact, the courts have just recently begun to implement system-wide Zoom capabilities. There have been a variety of hints throughout the pandemic that there is no intent to return to in-person court in the same manner as prior to the pandemic.

It seems that the Massachusetts court system will soon be able to handle almost all aspects of an injury lawsuit virtually.

Rest assured that client meetings, most court hearings, arbitrations, conferences with other lawyers and more can all be done virtually without you ever having to step into our physical office.

If you live far away, or want to continue to physically distance yourself as much as possible, you don’t need to forgo your legal rights after an injury. TeleLaw is an alternative method to seeking justice and is just as effective as in-person meetings.

Injured in Massachusetts? Set up a free, virtual consultation with our injury attorney

If you’ve been injured in an accident, and feared that the pandemic might steal your chance at justice, you’re in luck.

You can reach out to our office to schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation. We’ll talk about your case, and if we’re a good fit - we can proceed to move forward with your case virtually. TeleLaw can close the gap from your home to our office, and you don’t have to worry about traveling to our office whether you live in the Boston area or farther away, like some of our clients in Worcester and Springfield.

No matter where you live, you don’t have to ever step foot in our office in order to hire us to help you get everything you’re legally entitled to after an injury.

Schedule a virtual or in-person consultation today: (617) 889-5000

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