Dense Massachusetts traffic shows bumper to bumper cars on the highway which can make rear-end accidents and injuries very likely If you’ve ever thought that a prior injury might preclude you from a settlement after a car accident, this case result is for you. Even if you had an injury before a Massachusetts car accident, your injuries - even if aggravation of a previous injury - are compensable.

Our client Mary* was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended in May 2020. She was not at fault as she was a passenger. Due to the mild-impact accident, Mary suffered a mild concussion and aggravated an existing lower back problem. Mary, 24 at the time of the accident, was already receiving medical treatment for lower back pain before the car accident. 

After the car accident, her back pain got much worse. Proving how much her pain increased was the challenging part.

Mary, a lab technician, was receiving conservative treatment for lower back pain just before the accident. She was taking medication, going to physical therapy, and doing home exercises. All of this treatment was documented in her Primary Care Physician’s records, and the insurance company of the at-fault driver was able to review them.

Even though Mary was receiving treatment for her back injuries before the accident, she wasn’t seeing much improvement. Then, the pain intensified after the car accident. She continued with the conservative care she’d been doing before, but Mary ended up needing back surgery.

As expected, the insurance company argued that Mary’s need for surgery had nothing to do with the car accident since she already had a well-documented back problem before the car accident. The insurance company asserted the need for back surgery was just the natural progression of Mary’s injury, not a result of the car accident.

Spada Law Group was able to argue that the car accident is what took Mary’s back problem from one which was treatable without surgery to one which needed surgery to get better. It was a tough fight, but one worth having.

Fortunately, with the assistance of Mary’s surgeon, we were able to persuade the insurance company that we had a stronger argument. As a result, we settled Mary’s car injury case for the maximum insurance benefit available, which was $100,000.

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*Client’s name was changed for privacy.