Snow in Massachusetts Attorney accidentIsn’t it great when it snows during the Christmas season? Hanging out with the family by the fire, listening to all of the holiday classics while sipping hot cocoa. Sadly (for some), the holidays are behind us and now we get to look forward to the deep freeze of winter in Massachusetts. Several times per year Massachusetts residents wake up to almost a foot of snow and before we brave those slippery, black ice riddled roads, we have to shovel and salt the driveway, sidewalks, and stairs. The snow can make walking, driving and even parking more challenging (especially for Boston residents, I know I grew up in East Boston). Over the years, I’ve seen all types of things used to save parking spots including ladders, ironing boards, propane tanks and recently a large Dunkin Donuts stand-up poster of Rob Gronkowski eating a sandwich.

Massachusetts cities and towns that get the most snow per year:

  • Fitchburg: 82.2 inches annually
  • Haverhill/Lawrence: 67.3 inches annually
  • Worcester: 64.1 inches annually
  • Pittsfield: 62.1 inches annually
  • Lowell: 61.6 inches annually

If you’ve felt particularly overwhelmed by snow over the last 15 years, it is not a coincidence. Since 2003 (the largest recorded snow storm in Massachusetts history) we’ve had the most snowfall in our state compared to any other 15 year period dating back to when the state started keeping records of snowfall in the late 1800's. Normally, the average snowfall per year in Massachusetts is 44 inches. Over the past 15 years, we’ve had much more than that:

2014-2015: 110.6 inches

2004-2005: 86.6 inches

2010-2011: 81.0 inches

While most of our largest snowstorms in the past have hit us in February, on average, we see the most snow during the month of January, averaging 10 or more inches each year. If you follow the news, it sounds like this weekend will be our first real storm of the season. If at all possible, try to avoid the roads. If you have to drive, be safe. Take your time, thaw your car out as much as you can and clear your windows of snow and ice. While on the road, drive slowly and defensively, keep an eye out for pedestrians and disabled vehicles.

Top 10 snowstorms ever recorded in Massachusetts:

  1. 27.6 Inches, 2013 February 17-18
  2. 27.1 Inches, 1978 February 6-7
  3. 26.3 Inches, 1969, February 24-27
  4. 25.4 Inches, 1997 March 31-April 1
  5. 24.9 Inches 2013 Feb. 8-9
  6. 24.6 Inches, 2015, January 26-27
  7. 22.5 Inches, 2005, January 22-23
  8. 21.4 Inches, 1978 January 20-21
  9. 19.8 Inches 1960 March 3-5
  10. 19.4 Inches, February 16-17

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