Anatomy of a Personal Injury Case Part 2

Whether you worked with us on the first part of your case or not, we invite you to request a free download of our book, Anatomy of a Personal Injury Case Part 2: What Happens When a Case Doesn’t Settle. You will learn about your options when your attorney is unable to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company for the person who caused your injuries. This is a comprehensive guide for bringing difficult personal injury cases to a conclusion.

Why Claims Don’t Settle

Despite your attorney’s best efforts, he or she may not be able to settle your claim through negotiations with the insurance agency. This is usually because there is a dispute over who is at fault in the accident or because the insurance company for the at-fault party makes a low offer and refuses to budge. Either way, you will have to make a decision about what to do next. At Spada Law Group, LLC, we educate our clients about their options and then let them decide on the next steps.

Your Options When a Case Doesn’t Settle

Our free e-book provides more details about your options, and when you work with us, we will offer our advice and guidance, but here is a quick summary of what you can do next:

  • Mediation. If direct negotiations fail, you may choose to work with an impartial mediator to work out a solution. This person is usually a retired attorney or judge and is trained in the mediation process. Either side may choose not to accept the result of mediation.
  • Arbitration. Arbitration works much like mediation, but the outcome is legally binding. This is risky as you may be forced to accept an outcome that is not ideal for you.
  • Accept the settlement. If mediation and arbitration are not possible, you may decide just to accept what is being offered in order to avoid going to trial.
  • File a lawsuit. The majority of our free e-book discusses the steps involved in litigating a personal injury case. This is a complicated and time-consuming process, but our guide breaks down the steps and helps readers understand what they are in for if they decide to file a lawsuit.

At Spada Law Group, LLC, we are here to serve you. We will offer our best advice and guidance as you go through the process. Take the first step by requesting our free book.

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