Premises Liability

Owning property comes with a legal responsibility to ensure safety to people on your property.

Massachusetts landlords, business owners, restaurant owners, store owners, parking lot owners, and the owners and managers of other public and private premises are legally obligated to maintain and secure their properties so that there are no unsafe or hazardous conditions that could cause injury or harm to residents, patrons, or guests. Premises liability law holds residential and business owners and managers legally responsible when they neglect to fulfill this duty of care and someone gets hurt or dies —especially when they knew or should have known about the unsafe condition and did nothing to remedy the situation.

Causes for Premises Liability

There are many reasons why an injured person should file for premises liability compensation from a property owner or manager:

  • Inadequate Security: There are safety measures that the owners and managers of apartments, shopping malls, ATMs, schools, and all other premises must take to prevent crimes from occurring on their properties. Failure to install or properly maintain surveillance cameras, security guards, proper lighting, secured entrances and exits, locks on doors or windows, or other necessary safety measures can be grounds for an inadequate security lawsuit if someone becomes a victim of sexual assault, rape, assault and battery, robbery, or any other crime.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents: Property owners and managers must make sure that there are no conditions on their premises that can lead to a slip/trip and fall accident. This kind of premises liability accident can lead to serious physical injuries.
  • Falling Merchandise: Retail shops, warehouse stores, supermarkets, and other stores are supposed to properly secure any products placed on high shelves so that they don’t fall on customers. Head injuries, back injuries, and broken bones can happen when someone is struck by falling merchandise.

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