Abogado de Accidente de Bicicleta

Abogado de Accidente de Bicicleta en Chelsea

Cycling enthusiasts and casual bike riders in Chelsea and Greater Boston often bear an unfair burden when an operator of a motor vehicle drives negligently. Most times cyclists rely on nothing more than a bike helmet and quick reflexes for protection on the road. Riding a bicycle can also be dangerous when a motor vehicle makes a sudden stop or turns into the bike riders path. Unfortunately, many bicycle accident victims are children.

Bicycle accident victims and families of bicycle accident victims do not have to face the insurance companies, or the court system alone. Spada Law Group, an experienced bike accident lawyer in Chelsea and Greater Boston can help protect accident victims’ legal rights, and help families who have lost a loved one recover damages. Bike accident attorneys at Spada Law Group have been representing victims of cycling accidents in Chelsea and Greater Boston for over 20 years.

Hit and Run Bicycle Accidents

If you were a victim of a hit and run cycling accident in Chelsea or the Greater Boston area , it can be even more scary. Often times hit and run victims have no account of what happened and they are left feeling helpless and panicked along with being injured. Cyclists are more exposed on the road and as a result, injuries sustained while riding a bike can be more serious and often life-threatening. Common cycling accident injuries include spinal cord damage, broken bones and traumatic brain injuries.

The most common causes of bike accidents are:

  • Drivers who are texting while driving
  • Drivers ignoring bike lanes
  • Negligent driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Other distracted driving such as eating or talking on the phone.

If you have been injured while riding your bike, it is absolutely crucial to contact a qualified and experienced attorney to help you through your case. Spada Law Group is well-versed in all aspects of injury law cases and is determined to help you secure fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

What to do if you’ve been struck by a vehicle while riding your bicycle:

File a Police Report Immediately
Whether the driver remains at the scene of the accident or flees, you should contact the police immediately to file a report. The police will document the scene of the accident. If the driver fled the scene and cannot be found, a police report is crucial to your insurance claim.

Receive Medical Attention
Even if you do not feel like you have significant injuries, it is important to promptly seek medical attention. Seeking medical attention is important for two reasons:

  • You may have suffered an injury that you cannot immediately identify such as a concussion or internal injuries.
  • Failing to seek medical attention gives the insurance company the ability to downplay the seriousness of your injury, which could negatively impact your case.

Attempt to Identify Witnesses
Especially in the situation of a hit and run, witnesses can be invaluable in proving your case. After an accident, you should talk to pedestrians, drivers and other bicyclists in the area. A witness may be able to provide the make and model of the car involved and possibly even a license plate number. Be sure to collect the contact information and any additional evidence the witnesses may have, such as video or pictures.

We will seek maximum compensation for your injury
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