While we can’t guarantee a result in your Massachusetts dog bite case, we share our recent results here so you can get a better idea of what might be possible in your case. Read about the process of recovering damages after a dog attack and what you can expect if you decide to pursue a claim against a neighbor after a dog attack.

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  • Dog Bite Injury: Settlement $335,000
    Client sustained a dog bite to his ear requiring plastic surgery
  • Dog Bite: Settlement $130,000
    Client sustained a bite to her nose requiring minor plastic surgery.
  • Broken Arm from a Bite Involving Minor Child: Settlement $100,000
    Our client was a minor and was at a neighbor’s house when the neighbor’s dog bit our client so hard that it caused a fracture in addition to a deep puncture wound. The case settled for the full amount of the available insurance coverage.
  • Ankle Fracture: Settlement $100,000
    A homeowner negligently left a gate open on his property and thereby permitted his dog to run out off of his property and chase our client into the middle of the street where he was struck by a motor vehicle and suffered serious personal injuries. Case settled for the full amount of the available insurance coverage.
  • Dog Caused Fracture: Settlement $55,000
    Client was pushed down by a dog causing her to fracture her arm.
  • Massachusetts Dog Bite Victim got $100,000 Settlement after a Life-Changing Injury with Help from a Boston Injury Lawyer