a motorcyclist rides a white Harley Davidson through the North Shore of Boston, MassachusettsMassDOT launched a new Motorcycle Safety Campaign in May, which was Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The campaign includes 4 unique videos with MassDOT employees, who are also riders, sharing their riding experiences and discussing common safety problems motorcyclists face on the roads. 

The video awareness series features 14 different motorcyclists who share their inspiration for safe riding, the importance of motorcycle training, their safety advice for motorist drivers and other motorcycle riders, and about one of the most dangerous crash scenarios: vehicles making unsafe left turns. 

We will share highlights from each of the videos and the videos for you to watch for yourself. 

Video 1: Who Do You Ride Safely For?

The most resounding answer from the men and women who ride was “my family.” Another MassDOT employee explained he rides safely for himself so that he can be there for his family. Other riders said they practice safe riding specifically for their sons, daughters, spouses, friends, and puppies. 

Take a moment to think about your riding habits and who you ride safely for every day. 

Video 2: Drivers Making Unsafe Left Turns

In this video, MassDOT employees share their experiences with seeing cars approach intersections to make left-hand turns and not being sure if the drivers see them approach on their bikes. One rider shares that he experiences close calls at least once or twice each year when a car will pull out directly in front of him and won't stop until it’s already directly in his lane. 

“I’ve never been in a crash that way, but I know people who have,” says one employee. “It’s unfortunate to see so many crashes of that nature taking people’s lives and impacting so many lives,” says another.  

Some riders said they ride with high beams on all the time to try to keep safe. Others said they always slow down for intersections, others will scan the road far ahead to anticipate poor driving, and some will come to a stop and let cars go or will raise their hands or rev their engines to make sure drivers are aware of them. Many people also said that they make eye contact with the drivers to ensure that drivers see them. 

Video 3: Advice For Drivers

“Look for what you know is there, and look for what you don’t know is there,” said one rider. 

Many MassDOT employees and motorcyclists asked drivers to truly pay attention to the road and their surroundings. They encouraged drivers to be aware of their situation at all times and to focus on driving without letting distractions steal their attention from the road. 

Motorcyclists are everywhere in Massachusetts, and riders encourage drivers to always look twice for motorcycles, mopeds, and bikes. Riders reminded drivers that people on bikes have families and asked drivers always to use caution behind the wheel.   

Video 4: Safety Tips For Motorcycle Riders

Finally, MassDOT employees and motorcyclists also provided safety tips for motorcycle riders. 

To anyone who is a new motorcyclist: “You are not invincible,” shared one rider, “Take your time. Get practice. Ride Cautiously.” 

Other advice included:

  • Have the proper equipment & always be on the defense
  • Look bright & be visible 
  • Ride within your comfort zone
  • Anticipate the worst possibilities ahead of you
  • Ride safely and respectfully of cars on the road
  • Everyone should consider and attend motorcycle training and a safety course

Motorcycle Safety Is A Year-Round Affair: Motorcycle Injury Attorney Shares Safety Tips

While May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, motorcycle safety is something all motorcyclists are cautious of year-round. As motorcycle accident and injury attorneys in Massachusetts (whether you’re in the North Shore, downtown Boston, or anywhere in the state), we have various resources available for learning more about safe riding.

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