While we can’t guarantee the outcome of your specific case, we share our recent case results so that you can see what might be possible for you. Read our clients’ stories, the steps we took to protect their rights, and what the ultimate resolution was in these case results. Any case denoted with an * was referred to counsel with expertise in that particular area of law.

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  • Slip and Fall into Open Hole Leads to Death: Settlement $1,000,000 As our client navigated the sidewalk with the help of a sight stick, he caught his foot on the edge of the open hole and fell 8 feet headfirst into the basement of the restaurant. He suffered massive head injuries and died several weeks later at the hospital.
  • Right Knee Meniscus Tear: $390,000 Settlement Our client was a 51yr old house keeper working for a cleaning company responsible for cleaning a Boston area college. One day while on her lunch break in the college cafeteria, she slipped and fell on water near the tray return station in the cafeteria. She severely injured her knee and required two surgeries. She missed more than 2 years of work as a result of her injuries.
  • Slip and Fall On Black Ice in Parking Lot: Settlement $175,000 Our client was getting out of her car in a parking lot at her job when she slipped and fell on black ice. The owner of the commercial parking lot fought the case vigorously. Attorney Stephen Zolotas was successful in getting the matter settled just prior to trial.
  • Fractured Shoulder: Settlement $125,000
    Our client was walking through a commercial parking lot on a late November morning when he slipped and fell on black ice, severely fracturing his shoulder. The reason there was black ice was because the landowner failed to shut the landscaping sprinklers off prior to temperatures dropping below freezing. This case was contested by the landowner and required 2 years of litigation to resolve.
  • Fractured Ankle: Settlement $80,000
    Our client was entering the front door of a popular retail store in Saugus, MA when she slipped and fell on a wet floor that was negligently allowed to remain within the front entrance of the premises. As a result of the fall, our client severely fractured her left ankle.