I was rear ended while stopped in traffic, and sustained a severe case of whiplash and headaches as a result. I was treated at a facility for 6 months, but the problem was not resolved. My focus shifted, due to having cancer at the time, requiring surgery and follow up procedures during the next year. My neck problems were still quite seroius, so I sought additional treatment from another medical provider, as soon as I was able.

The insurance company would not take into consideration, that my

temporary lapse in treatment for whiplash, was due to another important health issue. They would not cooperate at any level.

Mr. Spada and his team were terrific! His staff is knowledgeable, friendly and courteous, and their timely progress updates on my case were very comforting, during a difficult time in my life.

Through extensive research, Mr. Spada cited a similar case,

and presented it to the court. As a result, Mr. Spada proved that the insurance company's interpretation of the law was wrong,

and the case was resolved in my favor.

Many thanks to The Spada Law Group, for their outstanding service and attention to detail, on a very difficult case.