Len is a great attorney and a great person. My mother (70) had a fall accident in a coffee shop and I need someone who knew what they were dealing with. I did a search on the internet for an attorney that dealt with this kind of thing, and I came across Spada Law Group. I gave them a call and spoke with a very friendly and knowledgeable woman named Robyn. She took my information and passed it along to Len Spada. He immediately gave me a call back and made a special trip out to meet us at my mother's house at a time that was convenient for me (after I got out of work). He sat down and took all of her details about the incident. He was very patient and honest with her (she is getting forgetful in her older age). Right up front he told us, "he will look into it and do his best to help her in anyway he could, and that he would not charge her any fees unless the case evolved into something. If this was a case that went somewhere and was worth his while, he would get a percentage", (and I would expect nothing less. why wouldn't he, this is how he makes his living just like you and I have to make a living). I found him to be a great guy very up front personable and honest, which I appreciated. Long story short, he and is team did a good amount of work on this. They were extremely responsive and helpful anytime I had a question during the process. After a lot of discussion with the insurance companies in question (of which Spada Law Group handled all of this) they reached out to my mother and I, to let us know that they were able to recover some insurance money that would cover my mother's medical bills, and gave her a little something in the end, but this particular case wasn't worth a long drawn out battle, and I agreed and totally understood. They did not charge her any fees for any of the work that they did do, they paid the medical bills that was owed to my mother's medical expenses that were covered by her insurance company, and then gave her a check for the balance that was left over. I can't say enough great things about these people. Len is one of the good guys, and his staff are great friendly people as well. I would recommend him to anyone I know that need an attorney when they are in a situation like my mother was in.