If you want the job done well and right stop wasting your time reading reviews and just give them a call! I truly don't know where I can begin about Spada Law. When I made my first call, spoke with Leonor about my situation. I had a gut feeling I was going to be in great hands; and my gut was right! The office staff is so friendly, compassionate and truly there for you. My case manager Joan is amazing, I remember she told me I could give her a call and speak freely whenever. I remember telling myself what Law group would take such great interest into their clients.... No one but Spada Law. The times that I have stopped by into the office I've never felt so welcoming and felt like was apart of a family. If your case manager wasn't available, Someone else would help you out. You would never be left out or having to even leave a voicemail and wait 48hrs to get an answer like most places. I'm going to stop here because after reading this I hope you have called in by now. Spada Law is the best! Thank you all tremendously.

Thalia N