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Personal Injury Attorney Serving Chelsea, Boston, Greater Boston and the North Shore.

If you have been injured and need an experienced personal injury attorney, Spada Law Group, LLC. is the team you need to WIN. Our team of lawyers and Case Managers is comprised of former insurance claims adjusters, insurance attorneys and seasoned trial lawyers. We started our careers working for the insurance industry so we know how they operate and how they settle injury claims. We were INSIDERS! We at Spada Law Group, LLC believe that our extensive experience on the “other side” gives our clients a true advantage in resolving their cases more quickly and for higher value. We don’t have to guess what the other side is thinking; we know and that helps you!

We only get paid if and when we recover money for you. This is known as working on a “contingency” basis. Since our fee is “contingent” on us settling your case or winning in court, you will NEVER be required to pay us anything unless and until we obtain fair compensation for you. This system works well because it enables an individual who may not have the ability to pay for an attorney to retain high quality legal representation to fight for them. The insurance companies hire skilled lawyers to help them fight to pay as little as possible when someone is injured. The personal injury law team at Spada Law Group makes sure it’s a fair fight.

We are conveniently located just minutes from Boston and East Boston and we service the Boston, Greater Boston and North Shore areas.

Deciding whether to take a case to trial, or accepting a settlement can be a hard choice. Here at Spada Law Group we want you to have the information necessary to make the right choice for you and your situation. In our e-books we highlight the situations and circumstances needed to navigate the processes effectively.

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