accidents caused by black ice in bostonHoliday Weather, Accidents and You

Most weather-related car accidents are not caused by inches of snow but rather by unseen road conditions such as black ice. It’s invisible but potentially deadly. Black ice forms when moisture freezes in a thin layer on a road’s surface. It’s black because it’s the same color as the road, making it hard to spot from behind the wheel. 

Accidents caused by black ice can be terrifying. They can spin you out of control and slam you into another car or object. Maybe you were part of a multi-vehicle accident from another driver hitting black ice. Whatever the case, if you sustained an injury, you should know your rights. When filing a claim, Spada Law Group will review all the facts of the case. We will look at the circumstances and determine what may have caused the accident in addition to the icy conditions. This may include another driver. Often, an accident that happened because of snow, ice, or rain is attributed to a driver because he or she was either driving too fast for the road conditions at the time or traveling too close to another vehicle and couldn't stop in time due to the black ice. The law however requires all of us to be aware of the conditions of the road and to adjust our driving accordingly. So  the driver who caused an accident because of black ice will often be found responsible for any injuries that result.

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