First and foremost the women that helped me through the horrible accident's I had could not be more helpful and compassionate.the most important thing to to me is that i was dealing with caring compassionate people. Robin who handled my case worked hard to get me the money that I deserved. previously to seeing Spada law group I had gone to a lawyer who not only lost a case but made me feel like i was not worth the effort. Robin not only went and took on that case but also retrieved the funds i had coming to me, with caring and compassion. that to me made me want to let people know that if you are having trouble finding a good law firm Go to Spada and ask for Leonor who is the receptionist she is the women who interviewed me. Leonor is caring and made my interview so comfortable.No matter what the case was the two girls saw me through a period of hard times with all the support and heart.hat helped me through that period of my life i thank you Robin and Leonor you women work hard for your money with the compassion that is rare to find and much to be treasured. I would also like to mention Mikely who was so pleasant when ever i called. thank you Mikely for being so helpful.and pleasant. Linda From Chelsea

Linda Fennelly