Welcome to the Spada Law Group family! You made a great choice selecting Spada Law Group as your injury law firm. 

This is Jonnathan Saavedra, he is our Client Experience Specialist and his job is to be your point of contact throughout your time with us! Jonnathan will be working closely with your case manager to make sure you receive monthly phone calls to keep you up to date with your case.


Jonnathan is a compassionate and wonderful person to talk to, and he is dedicated to getting your questions answered as well as relaying any information to your case manager.

At any point during your case, you can reach out to Jonnathan and he will gladly speak with you and take down information you need to give us or pass along questions you may have to your case manager. 

When Speaking with Jonnathan be sure to:

  • Give him any updates regarding your treatment
  • Send any information or documents via text or email
  • Ask questions, if you have any!

Jonnathan will do his best in getting you a response to your questions within 24 business hours. If you have a time-sensitive question that needs immediate attention, Jonnathan will do his best to get you an answer by the end of the business day or the next business day. If your question is not time-sensitive, you can expect a response within 24-48 business hours.

Jonnathan and the whole Spada Law Group team are thrilled to be working with you and helping you get through this difficult time with as much ease as possible.

As an important reminder: communicating with Jonnathan when he calls, texts, or emails is critical. Communicating with us on a regular basis will help us build the best possible case for you and will also help us resolve your case as timely as possible. 

Expect a call from Jonnathan within the next two business days!

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