Injured? The Importance Medical Records and Proper Notes have in your Boston Injury Lawsuit Cannot be Overstated

A doctor sits with an elderly man in her Boston office after an injury to document medical notes and records for his personal injury lawsuit in MassachusettsNobody hopes, plans, or wants to be injured. And when you’re injured in an accident, getting better quickly is often one of the main goals and focuses someone has.

Sometimes, this desire to be better can get the better of us - in a bad way. In our desire to see progress, sometimes we may not be fully honest with ourselves, our doctors, or medical professionals.

One of the most important things when it comes to a successful injury case in Boston and Massachusetts is being thoroughly honest with your doctors and medical care professionals who are helping you to heal and recover after an accident or injury.

Why you need to be honest about your pain and symptoms with your doctor if you have an active personal injury case in Boston, Massachusetts

Medical records not only help establish who is at fault in a Massachusetts injury case, but they are vital in explaining the cause of your injury. Medical records are what help illustrate that an accident or event specifically caused you a particular injury.

Medical records serve as direct evidence in a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit - they document any emergency medical attention, any follow-up care needed, any diagnoses, necessary continued care, and more. The records can be used to help an injury attorney project and estimate the timeline and medical professional support you’ll need to recover from your injuries.

When it comes to a Massachusetts injury case, your medical records help the personal injury attorney illustrate that you suffered injuries that legally deserve compensation.

Being honest about your pain and symptoms is very important to determine the extent of your injuries, how much they impact your day-to-day life, and your honesty ultimately helps your attorney determine how much you should be compensated for your injuries.

Medical records help serve as direct proof of damages from the accident or injuries and really are the backbone of your case in terms of proving you were seriously injured from the specific incident you’re alleging injured you in your personal injury lawsuit. On top of this, medical records should support what your personal injury case is worth. Your medical records and expected continued treatment are all part of the equation when a personal injury attorney is assessing the financial impact of your injuries and medical treatment.

Because your medical records are a vital part of building a strong personal injury lawsuit, being honest about the effects of your injury and your pain level and how it impacts your daily life is vital to getting the compensation you deserve.

Sometimes people are afraid of being seen as “weak” or they don’t want to be a “whiner” or “complainer,” so they may not be as honest as they should be with their doctors. For example, if your doctor asks how much something hurts on a scale of 1-10, and your pain level is a 7, but you say “5” instead because you’re not sure if you’re being dramatic or maybe you don’t want to seem “weak.”

This is a bad idea, for many reasons. For one, you weren't responsible for your injury so it’s important to not feel any shame about the impact it’s having on your life or the pain it’s causing you. Additionally, doctors can only help what they know is ‘broken,’ so being dishonest about your pain and injuries could lead to not getting all the medical attention you need or even a longer road to a proper diagnosis in some cases. Finally, dishonesty about your pain and suffering will make your injury case weaker if your medical records don’t accurately display the severity of your injuries.

Conclusion: Not having proper medical records and notes could hurt your Boston Injury case

Not having proper medical records and notes can seriously undermine your Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit. As described above, medical records are a vital component to proving the cause of your injury and the severity of your injury as well as projecting your path to recovery.

Essentially, the more medical care you need to recover after an injury, the more likely you will be able to get a higher settlement amount for your personal injury case. That said - if you are suffering from more pain than you let on at your doctor visits, then you could be cheating yourself out of the funds you need to continue to recover from your injuries.

Medical records and your doctors having proper notes on your case help your injury lawyer form the backbone of your case. The accuracy in your notes and on your progress is vital to a successful case.

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