Dog Bites / Injuries Caused by Dogs

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According to U.S. government figures, in 2004, approximately 800,000 people nationwide required medical care for animal bites.

Even a familiar, trusted pet can attack a person, often without warning, and cause serious injury. Many breeds of dogs are so aggressive as to be an outright hazard. Animal bites can cause infection, disfigurement, permanent disability, and can even be life-threatening.

If you have been bitten by an animal, its owner or caretaker or their insurer may owe you for your injuries. The law in Massachusetts is clear about the responsibility of dog owners for injuries caused by their animals.

Victims of dog attacks may recover damages from a person who owned or kept the dog, from a person who lets a dog run at large, or a person who keeps a dog while knowing that the animal has a history of injuring people.

A little known fact involving dogs is that even if you are not bitten, you may still recover damages if the dog “caused” your injuries. We have handled cases where our client was injured due to a dog jumping on her and knocking her to the ground. So if a dog is in any way responsible for your injuries you should seek the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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