While we can’t guarantee the outcome of your specific case, we share our recent case results so that you can see what might be possible for you. Read our clients’ stories, the steps we took to protect their rights, and what the ultimate resolution was in these case results. Any case denoted with an * was referred out to counsel with expertise in that particular area of law.

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  • Serious Foot Burn: Settlement $250,000 Our client was a commercial kitchen cleaner who slipped while cleaning a hood causing his foot to be submerged in scalding vegetable oil in the fryolator. He suffered 3rd-degree burns requiring skin grafting.
  • 2nd Degree Burns On Arm: Settlement $150,000 Our client was seriously injured while attending a house party. Numerous city ordinances and local laws were violated that evening by the homeowner.
  • Ankle Fracture: Settlement $150,000
    Our client was a tenant in a triple decker. She fell down a flight of stairs and fractured her ankle. The stairway in question was required to have handrails pursuant to The Massachusetts Sanitary Code. As such it was our position that by violating the Sanitary Code, the landlord ran afoul of the Implied Warranty of Habitability which protects all Massachusetts tenants. Under this scenario it was likely that the landlord would have been held strictly liable to our client for her injuries.
  • Burns On Toddlers Feet: Settlement $90,000 A manhole cover was extremely overheated due to a steam malfunction below ground. The child’s feet were severely burned as a result and she required medical attention. She made a full recovery.
  • Serious Back Injury: Amount Of Award $80,000 Due to the dark and unsafe condition of the land our client fell off a mound of dirt during his call and seriously injured his back. The case was tried to a conclusion as the owner did not want to settle.