Personal Injury Lawyer Boston Testimonials

Written Testimonials

They really treat you like your part of their family and make this whole process easy. It was a pleasure working with them.

-Haley H

I have had two cases with them….and they are very personable, they are like family and they never disappoint.

-Alycia S

Was in constant contact from outset. I felt like I was his life long next door neighbor. Gave explanations and opinions on everything and let me make my own decisions. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Never felt rushed or uninformed. Great, great family oriented attorney.

-Joe C

After first contacting Len about a year ago through a referral, I wasn’t sure what to expect since this was my first experience working with a personal injury lawyer. Before long however, it became clear to me that I was very fortunate to have Len Spada as my attorney. His experience and thoroughness were evident from the very beginning. For example, before taking on the case, through a series of conversations and email exchanges Len made sure that our lawyer/client relationship would be a good match. And Len didn’t just sit behind a desk while working on this case. Among his many other efforts, he thoroughly investigated the site himself where my injury occurred. Throughout much of the year, my job had me working out of town, but Len consistently kept me apprised and updated while he continued working.

He confidently and expertly navigated through the various aspects of my case and his advice was always thoughtful and accurate. I’m very happy to say that he indeed brought things to a successful conclusion.

I was also deeply impressed with Len’s professionalism, honesty and integrity, enabling me to feel confident with every decision that was made. We’ve all heard the horror stories of the less-than-ethical injury lawyers — not so with Len. His outstanding personal qualities, combined with his excellent skills, ensured the resolution to my case would be the absolute best. And an added bonus….Len is a great guy with whom I enjoyed every conversation!

-Chris M

Mr. Spada was totally my advocate from the beginning to the end of my case. He was personable and kind, as well as totally conversant with all the legal matters involved in my case. His advice was invaluable. He knows how to win!!


Attorney Len Spada is someone I hold in high regard and view with a tremendous amount of respect. His character stands A 1. With his hard work, dedication and loyalty he follows through with great results!!


It is said that when a lawyer represents himself, he has a fool for a client. So when I needed a personal injury lawyer I naturally sought out the very best. As expected, I received excellent results and customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend attorney Spada to any of my family, friends, or clients.



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